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The Power of Marketing Psychology


Psychological Marketing can boost your sales, profits, and repeat customers. Put a century of psychological research on buyer motivation and persuasion into YOUR marketing!

"Buy Me!"  That's the gist of most marketing messages.  It is the WRONG approach. Why? People do not want to buy products or services -- they buy anticipated Satisfactions. That is what you must sell them to be successful.


Marketing Psychology will reveal the specific Satisfactions they will buy, and the persuasive messages they will respond to -- hint, it is not "Buy Me!"   Marketing Psychology will increase your market share, improve branding, and persuade buyers.

Build your own Marketing Brain with our FREE Quick Stories Marketing Guide.  

Anyone can call themselves a "marketing pro," and do.  A trained, experienced marketing psychologist is an expert in mental seduction.  Why not start there?

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I've written several books and workbooks to help you better understand and "psychoanalyze" your customers.  These Deep Dives into their mind as it specifically relates to your type of product or service will definitely help you create more effective marketing strategies, tactics, and messages.  And that will generate more sales, more repeat sales, more word-of-mouth, and greater brand loyalty!  It ALL begins in your buyer's mind!  Which of these will help you?

Train Yourself to be an Expert

"An entertaining way to boost your marketing!"

Brand new book to help businesses of all sizes improve their "boots on the ground" marketing strategies and tactics.  Rated PG for clean fun and A+ for easy learning.

These 14 stories are entertaining romantic parables illustrating techniques of professional marketing and sales, followed by simple "how to" discussions that prepare you to start using these ideas today.  You CAN improve your marketing and ROI using these clear directions.

Dr. Witt's Consulting Services 

Ways to Use Psychological Marketing Techniques to Become the FIRST Choice of Buyers.

3-Day Company Workshop

This is the most effective, value-based way to improve your marketing.  Dr. Witt spends three days with staff you select, analyzing current marketing strategy and materials, doing Buyer Motivation Analyses on target market segments and showing staff how to apply those results, tutoring staff on the principles  of marketing psychology, rewriting traditional, digital and social messages with staff,  improving your website, and briefing management on needed changes for better ROI, among other benefits to the company and staff.

Shorter periods are also available.  Contact Dr.. Witt below to discuss your particular needs and budget. 

Let's talk about your goals to see if we can help you achieve them.  Please fill out the form below to start a conversation.

Consumer Behavior Research

If you don't understand what your customers want to buy or why they want to buy it, how can you do a better job of making sales than your competitors?  They probably don't know either, so both of you simply try to sell your product or service.


Knowing the true logical and emotional motives customers buy your category of products will give you an enormous edge because you will be offering the satisfactions they really want to buy.


The consumer behavior research you do now will pay dividends for years. 


Contact Dr. Witt below to learn how research can save you money and grow your business.  

Let's talk about your goals to see if we can help you achieve them.  Please fill out the form below to start a conversation.

 Marketing Strategy & Message Analysis

Smaller businesses often find it helpful and cost-effective to have a professional analysis of their current and planned marketing materials -- brochures, emails, signage, website, etc. -- to see where mistakes are holding them back from better sales. 


They also benefit from a careful analysis of their place of business and work with both marketing staff and those personnel who have direct contact with customers.  

Work may be done on site or online.

Contact Dr. Witt below to discuss which analysis will give you the biggest return on your investment and set you on the path to greater growth.

Let's talk about your goals to see if we can help you achieve them.  Please fill out the form below to start a conversation.

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