Website Analysis & Improvement

Learn more about how well your Web site is designed for MARKETING and SELLING by using our 67 Point Website Marketing Strength Analysis.  

Based on psychological marketing techniques applied to website design, you will discover how well your own website is designed in all of these critical marketing areas . . .

  • Clarity of copy

  • Market focus

  • Stimulation of buyer motives

  • Ease of navigation

  • Layout and design

  • Use of graphics

  • Persuasion index

  • Visitor friendliness index

  • Target customer appeal

  • Assistance rating

  • Download index

  • Marketing relationship index

  • Use of value-added strategies

  • Ease of shopping index

  • Checkout process. . . and a dozen other evaluations of the Marketing Power of your site.

When you complete this guided analysis, you'll know exactly where and what you need to do to improve your website as a MARKETING TOOL.  After all, what good is a pretty site if it isn't selling for you?


If you prefer to have your website analyzed by a psychological marketing professional using an even larger Inventory to dig deeper into your visitors' reaction to your website, that service is available for only $89.95.  Contact us at for more.  For faster service text us at 480-223-7705.

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