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Marketing Psychology

A Marketing Consulting and Research Firm

Dr. Gary Witt founded Marketing Psychology in 1999 in Scottsdale, AZ as a boutique marketing consulting and research firm. The firm specializes in psychological analysis of buyers to help clients create the most targeted, persuasive messages for each market segment.


Its clients have included USWest Telephone, Kodak, Western Dental, the largest dental chain in California, MultiPlan PPOs New York, Allied Global Partners (Tokyo), Health Payment Systems, Dental Solutions, and Harrahs, among many others.  


Dr. Witt developed an in-depth proprietary Buyer Motivation Analysis research test to uncover deeper psychological buying triggers, and detailed guidance in applying the results to create marketing strategies and messages that result in greater sales.


This analysis creates a solid customer psychology platform on which all marketing decisions can be made with more certainty.

Dr. Gary Witt is an award-winning professor of marketing, communication and psychology at eight different universities, and has also lectured at several Universities in Rome.  He holds a doctorate in Psychology and Communication from the University of Texas, plus 20 years of marketing / advertising experience in addition to his 18 years of teaching marketing, psychology and communications.


Dr. Witt is also the creator of the multi-award-winning “Newscast From The Past” PBS history television series, and executive producer of its Emmy nominated “Timeline” series.  He has also been a TV anchorman, News Director, documentary producer, lobbyist, PR director, radio producer, and Communication Director for the Texas Attorney General.


Dr. Witt has written books on marketing and advertising, including: High Impact: How You Can Create Ads That Sell!, 101 Ways to Improve Your Business Website, and 7.5 Secrets for a Successful Blog, as well as a college textbook on developmental psychology.


His 73-Point Website Marketing Strength Inventory has helped many improve the power of their website. He is writing a book on the application of European marketing methods for American businesses.  He lives in Scottsdale, AZ. 


He is also the president of a non-profit charity, Global Gun Safety Awareness, whose mission is to warn parents of the dangers of unsecured guns when children are in the home.


Contact Dr. Witt at:, or 480-223-7705

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