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Sex and Marketing
Captivating Stories of Sales & Marketing Methods
Money Back Guarantee for Life


This book will give you a memorable education in marketing and related sales techniques.


I’ve used these techniques to help clients and taught them to my university students for over two decades. You can use them effectively, too. Marketing is not rocket science! But it is mind science.


Why Should You Read This Book?

(1) It is guaranteed to be the most entertaining business book you’ve ever read. And one of the most helpful, too!

(2) Your marketing will be more powerful. As Jack Canfield, best-selling author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books, says, “To earn more, you have to learn more.”

(3) You will discover over two hundred of proven professional marketing techniques that can grow your business. You can even use them to market yourself to others!

(4) You’ll spend less and get a better ROI on your marketing dollars.

(5) Finally – the book has a money-back GUARANTEE – FOR LIFE


Design of the Book: 

These 14 PG-rated stories are entertaining romantic parables illustrating techniques of professional marketing and sales.

Why stories? We remember stories. By integrating key marketing techniques into fun, spicy stories, this book helps you understand, remember and apply them to your business. (Trust me, research shows this really does work!)

The 4-part structure of each chapter makes it easy to understand and remember the lessons while enjoying the stories.

(1) The Story section gives you some basic marketing ideas inside a fun, sexy and entertaining read that demonstrates their use.

(2) The Lesson Behind the Story section is a discussion among three likable marketing pros that explains and expands the ideas even more so you “get it.” 

(3) The Wrap-Up section gives you even more useful insights.

(4) The Reminder Card section in the Appendix lays out all of the ideas in that chapter and many more - clear, concrete bullet-point action steps you can apply to your business now. BONUS: You’ll also find a Glossary of all the terms at the end of the book.


My goal is to help you create better marketing strategies and messages that generate real sales dollars and loyal customers! It will require work on your part, but the book is filled with “How To” guidance to guide you.

Order now and get started.  You have a money-back guarantee for LIFE!

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