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Lon Safko

marketing speaker &
best-selling author,
Social Media Bible 


Efrem Lieber

Professor, fmr. executive, IE DuPont

Bruce Lefco

Health Payment Systems

Health EOS / MultiPlan


Dr. Witt is one of the brightest, experienced, and genuine people I have know. He has taught me more about the psychologoy of marketing than any other source. He is talented and has a great deal of integrity. By working with Dr. Witt at several universities over the past five years, we have become good friends. I would recommend Gary Witt with enthusiasm!

As a successful sales leader for over 2 decades, I absolute truth I’ve learned: A Proven, Successful, Repeatable Process delivers results! Gary’s academic approach to marketing forces you to think. He doesn’t tell you what he thinks, he guides productive thought with articulate questions leaving you at a conclusion based on objective thinking. Gary has a process and it works! It’s educational, collaborative, real world, challenging and you understand WHY you arrive at the result. If you need to dive into the cerebral side of Marketing Gary’s your guy, he was for me.

Anthony Reding, 
Nat'l Marketing Director 
Dental Solutions

 I had an opportunity to work with Gary, and to utilize his skill and expertise in Marketing. He was one of the finest consultants and valuable associates, I've known. His professionalism, listening skills, and integrity are his most exceptional attributes. I would recommend him to anyone or any business seeking to improve its productivity or bottom line.

Russ DeVan

President, Success
by Design

Gary is a dynamite teacher, mentor, idea generator, and leader. His low-key style allows students and colleagues to blossom and succeed with ego and esteem intact. His humor and intelligence mark both his professional and personal relationships. Best of all, his business knowledge is vast, and he delivers it effortlessly and cogently.

Gary did an excellent job in planning, conducting and compiling data for a marketing and market valuation project.

His final report was very comprehensive and convinced us not to move forward ona product that the market would not necessarily want.

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