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Quick Stories Marketing Guide
A bi-weekly tutorial to help businesses grow and retain customers.

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Congratulations.  You are clearly a LEARNER, not just a dabbler.  You want your marketing to improve, and are convinced that new knowledge and understanding are the keys to that power.

But you don't have time to waste -- Just tell me stuff I can use and how to do it!  Right?

That's what you'll get every two weeks.  A 5 - 8 minute read featuring three marketing lessons in story form (just like these.) All from my in-depth study and experience in real-work marketing plus years in university classrooms where I taught my students these same lessons. 

Benefits for you?

  • Each story gives you a key professional marketing solution you can easily understand and use that day if you want to.

  • Every idea is not just "what" but also "how to."

  • Interesting stories make it easier to understand and remember.

  • You get Bonus Features each issue -- such as quizzes, research models, marketing plan improvements, videos, recommended resources, a Deep Dive into a critical marketing technique like Positioning, a short audio or video interview with a sales or marketing pro, etc. -- all designed to help you grow your Marketing Brain and build your marketing ROI.

  • Many ideas will help you enhance your personal brand image, too!

  • So affordable you'll give subscriptions to your own customers and vendors!

You get the Knowledge and How To ideas you need to improve your business just by opening the email. 


You can have all this for FREE for 8 weeks to prove to yourself how valuable the

Quick Stories Marketing Guide can be for your business, as well as your personal brand image in both business and personal relationships -- it is ALL marketing!  After 4 free helpful issues, the fee is just 99-cents an issue for 3 practical How To marketing solution stories and all the weekly Bonus Features. You can cancel any time, but subscribers seldom do!  Give it a try now.



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