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7.5 Secrets to a Successful Blog
Learn From America's Top Blogger!  
Money Back Guarantee

You write your blog, upload it with hope, and nothing, a few dozen people view it! What a waste of your time and creativity!
How did you fail? This book will reveal new, proven ways you can get more readers, not just for your blogs, but for your e-mails, brochures, advertisements, and other marketing materials as well.

Based on an analysis of over 150 blogs by Dave Kerpen, on of the country's most successful bloggers, with over 16-million followers, the lessons in "Secrets" is the first time such a detailed analysis of the key factors in successful blogs -- including Dave's mammoth 2.7 MILLION readers of one blog!  No guesswork, but professional analysis of the key features that makes Dave so popular -- and can help you, too!

How This Book Will Help You.  You will learn:


  • 63 powerful ways to craft  title people will want to open, read, like, and share

  • 19 surprising mistakes in titles and pictures you must avoid. 

  • Golden words in your title that boost readership. 

  •  How to design your blog’s layout to satisfy readers’ New Normal expectations. 

  •  Proven lessons from advertising and direct mail research to grab readers and keep them.


You can read a long Excerpt from the "Headlines" chapter in a section below.

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